Men’s Clothes at J.C. Penney’s? NOOOOO!!!!!

OK how many of you guys actually shop at J.C. Penney’s? I’m guessing none because as men we all know that trying to find the mens wear section in Penney’s is like trying to find a career minded blonde in a strip joint. EXACTLY! What do you do when you first walk in the store? You walk to that BIG intersection where you go LEFT and You go RIGHT, you look both ways not seeing anything that looks like a mens section so you wander into the Jewery & Perfume section like you looking to buy. (ppsshh)

You peep around until you think you finally see a manikin wearing mens clothes. You walk that way until you get close enough to realize….wait thats not the mens wear, thats the DAM lesbian/dike clothing section and whats a Ellen DeGeneres manikin doing here? nevermind… now your commited to do the whole walk around the store routine, by walking thru the umbrella and gloves section and gotta stroll thru the ladies handbags and wigs of course. So when you finally get to to the mens wear what do you see? You see shit for clothes! thats right shit for clothes! and I love how they just gotta have a sports wear appearal section which when I think of sports wear I think of Nike, Reebox, and Addidis…not this off brand crap like athletech, protege, and sportstrax YUCK! No serious athletes wear this stuff!

Oh and what about how Penney’s thinks they are the official store of the NFL. WHAT? Really? There official NFL section only consist of 1 rack filled with those ugly ass Redskins jersey’s,  that arent really official! I mean pull 1 of the rack and what do you see? The number on the jersey is 00 and where the name should go on the back it reads “redskins”! last time I check there want any player on the redskins with the last name “Redskins”. I mean damn WTF! J.C. Penney you stink out loud! You stupid store that I wont go into anymore!

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