Making Fun of Celebrities

SinceĀ Celebrities want to hi-jack the headlines of late, I thought I give em some myself.

Lindsay Lohan: it use to be a time when I said “I’d hit that in a second” now its like “give me a minute” cause I really have to think about it a lil longer. YOU STANK!

Britney Spears: When she 1st came out I thought to myself “what a sweet & innocent girl just doing her thang” Good for her. Never would have thought she would be Skanker then “cow utters”.

Al Sharpton: Doesnt he look like he washes his hair in a big bowl of hot butter? Head looks like one of those dinner rolls at golden Corral.

Charlie Sheen: Dude why would you go crazy like that over 1 hoe? I could understand if it was 2 hoe’s. See what crack does to your brain. MAN!

Brett Favre: Sending dick pics to “hot” chicks never works! Your better off sending pics of your dick to Brad Childress if you wanted action. I heard he sucks a mean more ways then 1.

OK I will stop at 5! Making Fun of Celebrities the book will be on soon! Should be a huge success if I dont become famous and fuck that up by smacking a reporter, busted for drugs, having an illegal handgun while speeding in a school zone, and last but not least making fun of a black president….oh wait an african american president.

One Response to “Making Fun of Celebrities”

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