Rescheduling your Football Sunday’s?

What if there was no NFL this year? Scary when you really think about it right? Imagine waking up on a Sunday morning and planning your day without any football. I mean no waking up and going through your morning game day rituals like putting on your favorite player/team jersey. No adjusting/researching your fantasy team while watching every pre-game show available. No grillin’ & talking smack with your buddies on game day. No going out to your local sports bar and cheering as loud as you can with other football fans while chowing down wings and guzzling some beer. Nope none of this….all gone because of greed.

Sad as it may sound, its a reality. A reality that could mean changing your football Sundays into something straight out of a horror flick. Imagine because of no football you would have to spend all day doing yard work, cleaning out the basement/attic, and then imagine you with your significant one sitting on the couch all day watching a Law & Order marathon. Not saying you should “not” love doing things with your other half but DAMMIT this is football! It’s a understanding that during football season there’s only one thing us fans want and thats FOOTBALL! So for the love of every fan that bleeds there teams color PLEASE NFL don’t shut it down!

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