Brian Scalabrine (Fan Favorite) & (Worst Player)

Is it possible for a NBA player to be a loved by fans but yet still be the worst player ever in the history of the league? Hello Brian Scalabrine, You are that guy! BTW I’ve done my research with rules on my findings. Player has to have at least 10 years of playing.

Scalabrine played 11 seasons (NJ, Boston, Chicago) played in 520 games started 61! Which kind of surprised me, I mean how and why did that happen? Anyways….He averaged 13 mpg, shot 39%, only 2.0 rpg (he’s 6’9) and averaged 3.1 ppg

I didn’t have a whole bunch of players to pick from, but thought Scalabrine was a interesting one. Oh BTW he did win a NBA Championship in 2007-2008 with the Boston Celtics! So does that make my claim that he’s the worst player…… a FAIL?

PS. Brian Scalabrine is the greatest guy you ever want to meet! We love ya “White Mamba”

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