Pete Rose Sucks

So I’m at a mall in Las Vegas, I notice a sports collectors store. I forget the name of it, sorry. As I enter the store I noticed they had someone really special doing a signing. Who? Then I see Charlie Hustle himself, Mr. Pete Rose. Never did like Pete but thought, you know what I’ll go over and talk to him. BTW no one else was there. I was the only one in the store. So don’t believe the hype he tells by saying he has sold out shows. So I go over to him and say “Hi” he semi says “hi” but kind of had a attitude. So I tell him, look I don’t have much money to buy a signed bat, a autograph picture. So If I can talk a pic of you and me on my cell phone it would mean a lot. He said “NO” with a bass tone. I said “Just one pic, please” He looked me right in the eye and said “$100”

I couldn’t believe it. I was like this could have changed my whole attitude about you but now “NO”. As I walked out I looked him in the face and said “You are the worst, Pete Rose” “The Worst”

I tell people this story a lot and people always tell me that it he probably couldn’t because of a deal with the store. I say “NO” this was a chance for him to change one person’s perception of him. If that was the case he could have explained it to me. No he said it like a stuborn grumpy old sour man that he is. I hope he never gets in the Hall Of Fame. NEVER!

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