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Pete Rose Sucks

So I’m at a mall in Las Vegas, I notice a sports collectors store. I forget the name of it, sorry. As I enter the store I noticed they had someone really special doing a signing. Who? Then I see Charlie Hustle himself, Mr. Pete Rose. Never did like Pete but thought, you know what I’ll go over and talk to him. BTW no one else was there. I was the only one in the store. So don’t believe the hype he tells by saying he has sold out shows. So I go over to him and say “Hi” he semi says “hi” but kind of had a attitude. So I tell him, look I don’t have much money to buy a signed bat, a autograph picture. So If I can talk a pic of you and me on my cell phone it would mean a lot. He said “NO” with a bass tone. I said “Just one pic, please” He looked me right in the eye and said “$100”

I couldn’t believe it. I was like this could have changed my whole attitude about you but now “NO”. As I walked out I looked him in the face and said “You are the worst, Pete Rose” “The Worst”

I tell people this story a lot and people always tell me that it he probably couldn’t because of a deal with the store. I say “NO” this was a chance for him to change one person’s perception of him. If that was the case he could have explained it to me. No he said it like a stuborn grumpy old sour man that he is. I hope he never gets in the Hall Of Fame. NEVER!

Why I Hate Lebron James

Why do I hate Lebron James so much? He’s a flopper for one. Disrespecting the game. Lebron supporters will tell you “Everyone Flops” yeah yeah yeah but not like Lebron. He takes it to a whole other level. A level of embarrassment. Another reason to hate Lebron James is because he’s dull. Ever hear his interviews? See his commercials? BORING. He’s a quitter. I know Cleveland didn’t give him help but still. You suppose to be a KING. Right? Anyways….just a little rant. FUCK LEBRON JAMES!

Brian Scalabrine (Fan Favorite) & (Worst Player)

Is it possible for a NBA player to be a loved by fans but yet still be the worst player ever in the history of the league? Hello Brian Scalabrine, You are that guy! BTW I’ve done my research with rules on my findings. Player has to have at least 10 years of playing.

Scalabrine played 11 seasons (NJ, Boston, Chicago) played in 520 games started 61! Which kind of surprised me, I mean how and why did that happen? Anyways….He averaged 13 mpg, shot 39%, only 2.0 rpg (he’s 6’9) and averaged 3.1 ppg

I didn’t have a whole bunch of players to pick from, but thought Scalabrine was a interesting one. Oh BTW he did win a NBA Championship in 2007-2008 with the Boston Celtics! So does that make my claim that he’s the worst player…… a FAIL?

PS. Brian Scalabrine is the greatest guy you ever want to meet! We love ya “White Mamba”

5 Christmas Gifts For The Naughty

1. Glow in the Dark Condoms ~ Oh the FUN of those! Giggles

2. Crotch Less Panties ~ For the right now, right here type of people.

3. Milk Chocolate Anal Lube ~ I’m Sorry…….

4. Chia Pet Dildo ~ The Struggle

5. Kim Kardashian Blow Up Doll(Black Guys Only) ~ #TeamWhiteGirls

4 Random Rants

OK Time to let out some rants!

1. I noticed that football fans take on their favorite teams personalities. Cowboys-Criminals Patriots-Arrogant Steelers-Obnoxious. I won’t go down the whole list of teams but you kinda catch what I’m saying.

2. Tim Tebow is better then Mark Sanchez. Sanchez is too busy trying to be a cute boy. Ask me he ain’t but a couple of dimples away from being GAY

3. I hate Lebron James because he always trying to act like he hip-hop and shit, with his corny looking ass. Yo head to big for a 9Fifty snapback.

4. My problem wit Obama is he ain’t black enough for me, Shit Call Romney a cracka or something. Pimp slap Michelle. Then I’d vote for the brotha


I want to start off by saying “This is for entertaining purposes only. So with that in mind the two teams that I think will be in this years Super Bowl XXXVI will be the Seattle Seahawks(NFC) Vs Buffalo Bills(AFC). It’s hard to put in words how and why I think of this but yeah its what I feel is going to happen. So all my friends in Seattle and Buffalo start packing now because Feb 3rd 2013 you’ll be in New Orleans playing for RINGS.

Anyone For Some Flag Football? (NFL Concussions)

OK Should I make jokes about The NFL concussion policy? I know it’s a serious issue now a days , so I’ll try to be as sensitive as I can. Yeah right, look the way the NFL is going pretty soon it won’t be any tackling. Even tho flag football was fun to play back in elementary school it’s something I wouldn’t want to spend all day Sunday’s watching, and hanging out late on a Monday night to watch either.

I heard of a great ideal on how to solve the NFL concussion problem, I forget who spoke of this (some retired NFL player). They said if you want to stop concussions instead of making the helmets more safer how about eliminating them! YESSSSSSS!!!! Think about it tho, I know if I was playing football and didn’t have a helmet on I would be careful how I tackle someone.

I remember playing football as a kid and we never wore helmets so we learned how to really tackle without using our heads. Now a days everyone wants the BIG hit so they can be shown on ESPN highlight reel. So take a way the helmet and boom their ya go.

OK seriously, if the NFL is taking measurements on trying to stop the concussions I just hope they do it without taking away the tackling part. Me personally I don’t see a safer way so why not just leave it as is? If your scared of the injury part then don’t play, simple as that. Besides….tailgating at a flag football game would be humiliating to all man kind!