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Fantasy Football

Do you love fantasies? Do you love football? Put em together and what do you get? No not day dreaming of hot chicks playing football. I’m talking about fantasy football as in having Aaron Rodgers as your starting QB on your fantasy team. ahhhhhdreamy isn’t it? Unless your a Chicago Bear fan, because that my friends is a fantasy football law! Never pick your favorite teams rival players! NEVER! Some guys pick nothing but their favorite team players, now I never seen anyone actually win a fantasy championship with that strategy but its you team. Me, myself would never pick my favorite teams players because of the JINX I have on my own team. Happens every time, I put em as a starter and what do ya know? He stinks up the joint, my favorite team loses and my fantasy takes the hit.

Oh and what about naming your fantasy team? I’m always known as the “Buffalo Balls” get it? I like the Buffalo bills but I changed the “i” in bills and but an “a” to make it sound like a animals testicles. Ok I know I know how original but its my lucky fantasy name! I name my team anything else we lose!

Kickers & Defenses doesn’t win fantasy championships, but still a decision on Sundays that we must make. Oh and Bye weeks suck! It’s every fantasy team owners nightmare, nothing says WTF like having to replace Aaron Rodgers with Tarvaris Jackson who’s team is playing the Baltimore Ravens that week. Nothing and I mean nothing is greater then having the trifecta, Your favorite NFL team wins, your fantasy team wins, and you look like a football expert that you always thought you was.