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Anyone For Some Flag Football? (NFL Concussions)

OK Should I make jokes about The NFL concussion policy? I know it’s a serious issue now a days , so I’ll try to be as sensitive as I can. Yeah right, look the way the NFL is going pretty soon it won’t be any tackling. Even tho flag football was fun to play back in elementary school it’s something I wouldn’t want to spend all day Sunday’s watching, and hanging out late on a Monday night to watch either.

I heard of a great ideal on how to solve the NFL concussion problem, I forget who spoke of this (some retired NFL player). They said if you want to stop concussions instead of making the helmets more safer how about eliminating them! YESSSSSSS!!!! Think about it tho, I know if I was playing football and didn’t have a helmet on I would be careful how I tackle someone.

I remember playing football as a kid and we never wore helmets so we learned how to really tackle without using our heads. Now a days everyone wants the BIG hit so they can be shown on ESPN highlight reel. So take a way the helmet and boom their ya go.

OK seriously, if the NFL is taking measurements on trying to stop the concussions I just hope they do it without taking away the tackling part. Me personally I don’t see a safer way so why not just leave it as is? If your scared of the injury part then don’t play, simple as that. Besides….tailgating at a flag football game would be humiliating to all man kind!