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Cookout = muffins?

One lovely summer Saturday, I woke up with an urge to cookout on the grill, invite the guys over for you know good times. So I go to pitch the idea to my girlfriend. I told her I was thinking about inviting the guys over to watch a game and cookout, guy stuff. I even told her I would head out to the store to get some food for the grill and before I could mention what kind of food I was going to get She (girlfriend) chants out ” We have muffins” MUFFINS!!!! Really? MUFFINS? Not steak, hot dogs or chickens but muffins. OK can you imagine me calling all my buddies and saying, “Hey I am having  a cookout and going to watch the game…. Oh what am I putting on the grill? Oh we have muffins – yes muffins…..We have blueberry,  apple and wheat  muffins.

So if anyone gets an invite from me to come over for a cookout – don’t forget to bring your breakfast beverage of your choice…… Cause we have muffins.