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Hoarders Are Silly

We all have seen the Hoarder shows on A&E right? Well my question is have any hoarders ever seen the hoarder shows? I mean come on! Really? Do you have to hoard so much junk that Kim Kardashian ass is jealous? Look its ok to collect things…dolls,toys, and such and such but cant you at least keep it organized and neat? Oh and what about the hoarders that just throw trash everywhere? Those are the worst kind!

Look if you ask my mom she will tell you that I never kept my room totally cleaned but I did from time to time tidy things up. I even threw stuff away from time to time…like my G.I. Joe. Which should be a man law! (sorry G.I. Joe) I miss ya buddy. Ok lets get back to this hoarder thing before I feel guilty and start crying. (sniff sniff)

2 hours later……..Ok I doubt that any hoarders are reading this but dammit stop making up excuses for your sloppiness. All I do is laugh at y’all pathetic ass. Clean up your damn houses and stop your crying about how you love your junk and how hard it is to throw away your collectibles(JUNK)!!! Besides if My G.I. Joe had to go then dammit…oh never mind!

Ebay search……G.I. Joe