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The NBA Finals (2016)

I hated this years NBA finals. Lebron James won that’s why. Yeah yeah yeah, the City of Cleveland won too. Now Lebron is looked at as the greatest. Thanks everyone for being caught up in the moment. Did y’all forget he is 3 for 6 in the Finals? That’s not GREAT. Hell Robert Horry has 7 rings.

4 Random Rants

OK Time to let out some rants!

1. I noticed that football fans take on their favorite teams personalities. Cowboys-Criminals Patriots-Arrogant Steelers-Obnoxious. I won’t go down the whole list of teams but you kinda catch what I’m saying.

2. Tim Tebow is better then Mark Sanchez. Sanchez is too busy trying to be a cute boy. Ask me he ain’t but a couple of dimples away from being GAY

3. I hate Lebron James because he always trying to act like he hip-hop and shit, with his corny looking ass. Yo head to big for a 9Fifty snapback.

4. My problem wit Obama is he ain’t black enough for me, Shit Call Romney a cracka or something. Pimp slap Michelle. Then I’d vote for the brotha