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Preview of Madden 2012

OK 1st day of Madden 12 and my thoughts? Well its GREAT! Wait I think I’ve said that every year that it has come out. Anyways after 3 hours of watching this game, THAT’S right watching. Haven’t called one play yet. I will at some point but I always like to watch and check out how it looks and enjoy the graphics. BTW I suck at playing the game especially playing online. Unlike other people that buy the game and JUMP online right away and play a game before they can even figure out which buttons to push.

OK so we got that I suck at playing out the way lets get to some other things like the ratings and stuff. Well I think everyone should know I’m a Buffalo Bills fan, and well lets just say for the sake of this blog that the Bills suck. Well they were 4-12 last yr. So as expected their ratings as a whole SUCK! Their Madden rank is 28th BUT wait they do have 2 players on the roster with ratings over 89 and well 1 of them is the PUNTER. Which doesn’t help me win a game if I was to play online anyways.

So lets see I suck at playing, My team sucks at playing, and I still enjoy it. YES! I do its football for the love of all out doors. So just get the game and enjoy it how ever you like.