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4 Random Rants

OK Time to let out some rants!

1. I noticed that football fans take on their favorite teams personalities. Cowboys-Criminals Patriots-Arrogant Steelers-Obnoxious. I won’t go down the whole list of teams but you kinda catch what I’m saying.

2. Tim Tebow is better then Mark Sanchez. Sanchez is too busy trying to be a cute boy. Ask me he ain’t but a couple of dimples away from being GAY

3. I hate Lebron James because he always trying to act like he hip-hop and shit, with his corny looking ass. Yo head to big for a 9Fifty snapback.

4. My problem wit Obama is he ain’t black enough for me, Shit Call Romney a cracka or something. Pimp slap Michelle. Then I’d vote for the brotha