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Final Four (My Picks)

Well since the start of the NCAA tourney my bracket picks have been a little off, well sorta like Way off. Lets put it like this if I was a gambler and I had put my life savings on the line for my bracket, I would be writing this blog in the mud with my fingers in a place called “Republic of the Congo”. I said if I was a gambler…..OK so let me get to my predictions.

Connecticut Vs. Kentucky
Well My prediction on this game is easy, I think Uconn will win this game hands down. My reason? Uconn has a guy name Kemba Walker for those of you who haven’t seen or heard of him please do the youtube search. Its funny cause someone the other day asked me was he from the country of Africa? I said no but he is from some sorta of tribe called the BaddAssMuthaFuckerYouCantFuckWit Tribe. Oh by the way who picks a team from kentucky? whats the first thing you think of when you hear kentucky?……Thats right Country ass MuthaFuckers. So you see why I’m picking Connecticut right?

VCU Vs. Butler
Ok another easy pick, How can you not pick VCU when there coaches name is SHAKA Smart? Do you understand what Shaka means? Its a Hawaiian hand gesture. It has many meanings. Originally it means to “hang loose”, or to chill and be laid back. OK Got my Vote! Plus If I don’t pick VCU I will be kicked out of my own city. Besides Butler? Who picks a team that is bossed around ‘Butler drive the car around for me” “Butler have the laundry done today so I can look fancy tomorrow night”.

Anyways in the Championship game I am going with VCU! because the city of Richmond needs something good to happen other then Garbage collection every Tuesday morning.